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Listed below is a sample of our more popular product areas. Click on the area required to get more detail. If you cannot see the item you require then please do not hesitate to give us a call, we will be only to happy to help.

Text Box: Airless spray is a method of atomizing paint without the use of compressed air. The paint is pumped under high pressure through a supply line to an airless spray gun. The paint is forced at high pressure through a small opening at the front of the gun called the spray tip. This tip controls the flow of material and the fan width. Many different tip sizes are available.
The  advantages of Airless Spray are ;
Speedó 15 m ≤ in 3 minutes can be acheived
Less overspray than air spray, with transfer efficiency of 60% to 90%.
A thicker coat of material can be applied in a single pass. With the high pressure of airless spray, high viscosity materials can be atomized without thinning.

Airless Spray Equipment

Product Area

Air Spray and HVLP Equipment

An air spray unit uses high pressure and high volumes of air provided by a compressor to atomize the material at the gun air cap. Material can be suction, gravity or pressure fed. HVLP equipment is High Volume Low Pressure. This uses high volumes of air supplied by a turbine but at a low pressure. This type of system reduces overspray with transfer efficiency of 80% + compared to the 40% + with air spray. Both are ideally suited to Lacquers, Stains,† etc..

Plaster Spray Equipment

Dependant on the material specialised Airless spray equipment , texture piston pumps or screw pumps can be used. Bag rollers and hoppers are available for use with ready mixed plasters or powder plasters which are mixed prior to use in the equipment. This type of equipment can be used for many other texture and heavy material coatings not only plaster.

Linemarking Equipment

Using Airless technology based on specialized carts to allow crisp bright and uniform lines. Can be used for many linemarking and striping applications. Ideal for use when marking out car parks, sports fields and many others. Available in one or two gun configurations and compatible with most line marking paints.

Air Assisted Airless

To achieve finer finishes a combination of airless technology and Air spray is adopted. The material is pumped using the high pressure airless method with air being introduced at the gun air cap to give a finer atomization of the material. This method allows for higher volumes when compared to air spray or HVLP and gives a 60% + transfer efficiency. Ideal for Lacquers , varnish , stains and other fine finish materials.


A wide range of spray equipment and decorator sundries. Ranging from Tips, filters, pole guns and rollers to low tack masking tapes, masking machines, face masks, overalls, spray shields and hoods. Many other sundries and accessories are available, if you cannot see what you require please do not hesitate to call us on 01689 829001

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