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The T-max 506 and T-max 657  offer a real solution for the application of interior plasters and decorative texture materials. The machines run in either Airless or Air Assisted mode using the same lance by just changing the airless adaptor to the air assisted mode adaptor.  For air assisted mode applications a separate compressor is required. The unique design offers 1 person handling allowing the safe use, cleaning and loading / unloading of the unit by one person. The professional lance design offers a high quality of finish reducing smoothing to a minimum. The T-max can support a team of three people applying more than 500 square meters a day. A mixer mounting and a bag roller kit can be supplied as an optional extra and with the T-max being tested and approved to spray the most demanding plasters, mixed or premixed, that are currently on the market, in combination with an external compressor materials with a particle size upto 1.5mm can also be sprayed. Mount the fine finish kit at the end of the lance whilst spraying air assisted mode for easy control and even finish. This kit transforms the round spray pattern into a controlled fan. Cleaning could not be easier, flush the system with water. Clean hose by using flushing ball to scrape inside of hose clean. When clean remove the hopper and it’s drain bung for easy cleaning and clean around mating surfaces with warm water.

When combined with the light, ergonomic, quick and clean opening/closing lance which avoids spitting, with horizontal clog avoiding design the T-max system gives the professional finish in an efficient and comfortable manner.

The ready to spray T-Max 657 is supplied with

· Hopper, Lance, 10mtr material hose, 3mtr material whip end, 15mtr air hise

· 18 Mesh material filter

· Heavy duty airless spray set with Blue RAC X guard, RAC X Tip HDA661 30 Mesh Material Filter

· Fine finish air assisted spray set with 4mm nozzle , air nozzle guard and 4 different fan pattern discs

· Cleaning set flex scraper, filter scraper, cleaning ball, brush, air nozzle cleaner.

The SPR6 6SM spray unit is designed for the application of premixed spray plaster and heavy coatings which contain aggregate to a maximum grain size of 2mm.


The SPR6 6SM is supplied with a frequency inverter, which allows the smooth control of the rotor allowing the stator speed to be set at the correct rate for the application, as opposed to the fixed belt method that is employed on other equipment.


As well as smooth plaster finishes texture finishes can be achieved easily using the variable speed control and air pressure regulation.


A compressor is required in conjunction with this machine and it must be capable of supplying air at 9cfm at 4-6 bar.

The unit is supplied complete with 10mtrs of material hose and gun and is usually supplied on 110volt.

SPR6 6SM Technical Specification


0.75—1.1 Kw Motor


110volt 16amp or 32amp single phase


Flow rate 3—8 Ltrs minute


50 ltr Hopper with Fibreglass Bag Roller


10 Mtr 1” material Hose


High flow gun


Nozzles from 3 to 10mm


Total weight 60 Kgs


Dimensions 850mmH x 1200mmL x 560mmW

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The Graco Mark VTM Pro Contractor electric powered airless sprayer is the industry standard for professional contractors who spray a full range of coatings on industrial, commercial and residential jobs. Powered by a reliable, 20 / 16 amp 1.6kW electric motor this portable unit will go anywhere and is the ideal unit for airless thin film spray plaster.

Part 16Y866 Graco Mark V Pro Contarctor 110volt Outfit

Graco Mark V Pro Contractor 110volt Airless Outfit

Wagner PS3.39 110volt Airless Outfit

The Wagner PS3.39 electric powered airless sprayer is the 3rd piston pump generation which perfectly matches performance and applications. Ideal for commercial and residential jobs. Switchable between 16amp and 20amp allowing application of thin film airless plaster and some heavier coats.

Part 2311382 Wagner PS3.39 110volt Outfit

Wagner Heavy Coat 940 Hydraulic 110volt Airless Outfit

The Wagner Heavy Coat 940E Hydraulic 110volt airless outfit is both versatile and flexible. Due to the high suction power of the HC 940 E  it can be used easily for high viscosity materials. The low wear rate and the resulting long service life of the equipment are further positive aspects of this hydraulic technology.


Part 528070 Wagner HC940E Hydraulic 110volt Outfit

Graco Service Hopper for Plaster & Paint

Helping to feed the pump using gravity and with a 95ltr capacity helps to optimize productivity. Bag roller is available as optional extra. Unit fits directly to either Graco Mark V or Wagner PS3.39.


Part 287987 Graco Service Hopper

Part 289587 Graco Bag Roller For Above


ACF15 Continuous Run Compressor 110volt 32amp

The Continuous run compressor giving 10cfm of air ideal for many applications including conventional spray guns, hopper guns and air fed masks. Suitable for use with T-max 657, Spraytec SPR6 or as an attachment for Graco Mark V or PS3.39 when a texture finish is required.


Part M031311 ACF15 Compressor 110volt

T-Max 657 110volt 16amp Airless & Air Assisted Outfit

The Graco T-MaxTM  versatile combination unit comes complete with 90ltr hopper and ready to spray in Airless mode. Supporting up to a 61thou spray tip with a 10mtr 1” material hose and 3mtr Ύ” whip end gives big performance in a compact unit. To use in Air mode change gun nozzles and attach a compressor. Compressor sold separately.


Part 255799 Graco T-Max 110volt outfit

The Spraytec HEMO 10 is an airless high pressure spray unit designed for spray applications of putty and heavy coating. The HEMO 10 has been produced for more than 20 years and have established a solid reputation as the leading electric high pressure unit for spray plaster and other heavy duty materials. 3 Phase 3kW 380volt 16amp only.


Part BHEMO10 Spraytec Hemo 10 3 Phase 380volt 16amp

Spraytec Hemo 10 3 Phase 380volt

The Spraytec SPR 6 unit is designed for premixed spray application of plaster and coatings with a filler grain size up to 2mm. Supplied with a bag wringer, stainless steel chassis, 75ltr hopper, 10mtrs 1” material hose and electronic inverter speed control. Gun Nozzles included. A compressor is required to operate. Compressor sold separately


Part BSPR6-1 Spraytec SPR 6 110volt outfit

Spraytec SPR 6 Worm Pump 110volt Outfit

The Hemo 10 is an airless high pressure spray unit designed for spray applications of putty and heavy coating materials such as plaster. The HEMO 10 has been produced for more than 15 years and has an established and solid reputation as the leading electric high pressure unit for spray plaster and other heavy duty materials. Airless spraying gives considerable cleaner working environment with less noise and easy handling together with both technical and economical advantage:


No need for compressor

Less dust and over spray

Precise application and texturing

Low noise level

Easy one hand maneuvered spray gun

Less consumption of plaster

Minimum masking and covering


The HEMO 10 is used for application of spray plaster, spack, concrete filler, PVA-glue, asphalt emulsion and other kinds of heavy duty materials with a  grain size up to 0,6 mm that need high capacity. The fluid pump is a piston pump with three pistons and easy replaceable packings. The large fluid section and the powerful motor gives a capacity of approx. 12 Ltrs Per minute.


Technical Specification

Motor 3Kw

Three Phase 380volt 16amp Requirement

Hardened steel pistons

Hopper 75 ltr with Fibreglass bag roller

Hose 10mtr 1/2”

Operating Pressure 110-160 kg cm2

Maximum Tip Size 0.095”(thou)

Total Weight 150kgs

Dimensions 1030H 1400L 650W mm

T-Max Specifications

T-Max 506

T-Max 657

Max Working Pressure

50 bar

65 bar

Max Tip Size (8 Meter hose)

0.051” (51 Thou)

0.061”(61 Thou)

Max Fluid Flow

6.4 lpm

7.2 lpm

Hopper Capacity

60 ltrs

90 ltrs

Weight Including Hose & lance

75 kg

81 kg

Maximum Hose Length

15 mtrs

30 mtrs

Maximum air working pressure

17 bar

17 bar

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Bag Roller Kit


Mixer Mounting Kit


Cleaning Ball


Flex Scraper


Filter Scraper


Air Nozzle Cleaner


Fine Finish Spray Set